Home Defense Handgun?


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and she only saw the stashed ones.
reminds me of an old gunsmith up in Wisconsin,,,he was accomplished at his trade in the 20s and I meet him in the 70s,,,,he cast my roundballs for my caplock muzzleloader I used for squirrels back then (and fun shooting),,,had an old gravel pit behind the house that he used for test shooting and such..

his small house was LOADED with guns,,,long arms (rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders) were literally leaned against the wall every 3-4 inches,,,EVERY drawer in house had a handgun of some form,,

and the kicker? Every single one of those weapons was loaded - in his mind, an unloaded gun was useless as anything,,,,

the man had two prosthetics for legs (lost them to diabetics) but he managed to run off some would be robbers with two sixguns in hand,,,

dang fine man


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Agreed. Rifles are generally best in long, linear situations. But, as you well know, in the hands of someone who is well versed in their use, they are equally effective close up and personal. G19 is my go to, but I wouldn’t sneeze at my Rifle - devastating and accurate.


but my comment was addressed to the 90 percentile who are not "well versed",,,,


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I agree about the long guns in the hands of the experienced, I don't agree about them and the less over penetration unless there is some super home defense rounds I am unaware of.

I have actually seen first hand what a shotgun will do even with what is commonly known as birdshot. 4-6s inside of the average house. And unless they hit some major appliances or furniture it takes several walls unless it just gets lucky and dead centers a couple studs.


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Have my .12ga set up with #4’s:

In 20’ tests at the range, the loads don’t even open up to a dinner plate size of course so their very lethal at such a close range.

And they shouldn’t be able to exit my house, then travel to, then enter into, some neighbor’s house...accidentally killing somebody.
what kind of rounds are you using where you get less penetration from a rifle round in an AR? most any caliber rifle round will out penetrate a pistol round

and here I thought you were going to recommend a shotgun
Most 5.56 rounds fragment and come apart after a couple layers of drywall at close distances when the velocity is still high.
Some barrier blind 5.56 stuff is an exception

Shoot some through drywall and compare.

And most people don’t have enough training to manipulate a shotgun. They’ll short stroke under stress. Deer hunters are an exception to that. 😉👌🏻
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Don’t get me wrong my G23 is within arms length of my nightstand but so is my Remington 870 with 18 1/2 with night sights loaded with #4 buckshot. Not saying, I couldn’t get it done with my G23 but I’m just a little more confident with that 870 in my hands.
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I have a cocker spaniel that is 9 years old with a mean, short disposition, She is my first line of defense while I get my Ruger SP101 .357 from the quick access safe. Trust me, I think you’d rather face me and the Ruger before crossing paths with that bug-eyed dog
Does it matter? If your responsible enough to rely on a handgun, you should master/train either. They are tools that can work. If you don't know or haven't a plan to put into place then you shouldn't have either. Learn the traits and master them both. Have a plan, a good light to ID the target and phone to call the cavalry and lawyer.



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Has nothing to do with the size of the house - it’s the effectiveness or lack thereof of the weapon/load. There are much better options.

And I wouldn’t put that much confidence in any round/weapon. A lot of factors come into play in defensive situations and many a man has toted a lot of rounds and still lived or lived long enough to keep fighting and inflict serious damage.
There is always better.

Sometimes you stop at what works.
Along that lines of thinking no one should ever carry a 38 spec after the FL FBI shooting.
It failed big time in that case, was it shot placement, ammo, training, maybe the fact they carried a pocket gun into what become a war zone....

It is what you as a person feel good with or have..


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most people don't practice enough to use a pistol as a real self defense handgun

most people are better served with revolvers

and in a home, I am with lasttombstone - ol' double barrel has some fear factor going on the business end
When I go out of town my wife has me put an AR or Tavor with a 60rd mag next to the bed.....if something that goes bump in the night needs killin the last thing she wants to worry about is running low on ammo, those 2 are what she’s fired the most and enough times so that stoppage correction last and the controls are second nature.
Personally I just use my kimber bp ten, it’s high capacity (13+1) and in 500rds of mixed ammo and not had any failures, which is good for a 1911. Other guns I use are Glocks and Sigs in 357sig and 10mm, I love my revolvers but I prefer them for CC or truck guns where all that extra penetration may be needed.

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I'm glad to see all these people defending their homes!
I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers, at the end of the day, defend your family.
I don't care what you choose to use, but use it. The world is full of evil unfortunately.
If you have a revolver, like it, and know how to use it, then use it.

If you have a 1911, like it, and know how to use it, then use it.

For me: neither. There are too many good hi-capacity options out there that are also reliable. A S&W MP9 is my first choice bacause thats what i have, like, and know how to use. Also happens to carry a few more rounds than a 1911 or 6 shooter.

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1911 or Revolver which would YOU choose and why?
Between those two I'd take the M1911. For one things, I haven't owned a revolver in years. And as a career infantryman and long time military and civilian competative marksman I've pretty certainly put far north of 50,000 rounds through M1911s of various flavors. While I still have a BIG soft spot for the 1911 I recognize that in 2018 there are a host of "better" combat handguns out there.

The pistol that is closest to me in the bedroom is a Sig P220 in .45 ACP double/single action pistol throwing 185 grain +P Golden Saber or Gold Dot bullets. There's no manual safety, grip safety or any other silliness to worry about. Just aim and shoot. Very good sights in daylight and they are really great night sights due to the tritium dots. It sports an APL Gen II weapon light that will likely only get used to be sure of whom I am shooting.

There's also a .223 AR with a Surefire Millenium light and two magazines within three steps of the bed. The few times I felt that a potential threat was outside I took the AR. If inside, I take the pistol and an extra mag or two.

Living in a rural area with just the two of us if I ever pick up a weapon in earnest I don't have to worry who is on the other side of a wall....



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I've got weaponry, from the room to the pasture. I just don't hear well. Best first response I've ever seen was good dog. Two of my best buddies, rescue dogs. They're outside dogs, I love'em and they're well cared for. They bark but they don't cry wolf many times.....


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Got one in the corner by the bed....12 ga
It really is a fun gun.
The 20 ga shockwave is in the other room.
How much difference in recoil is the 12 ga SW vs the 20 ga? i have a 12 ga and wife don't like it but i don't own any 20's except my Savage 220 Slug, thought about getting a 20 ga SW.


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Gimme a shotgun or a judge. I would love to say some kind of single projectile pistol round but I’m a terrible pistol shooter even in the most controlled non stressful situation. Much less in a moment of panic and high stress. I don’t trust myself.
But I’ll hold my own with anyone if you give me a shotgun and that’s what I’d trust myself to protect mine and my loved ones life god forbid the time ever comes.