Henry single shot rifle


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Anyone have one? Or the Henry lever action Long Ranger?
I have no idea why but I keep looking at these and the CVA hunter in 44mag.

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Lots of info over on Graybeards. Very nice guns except for the heavy trigger. They have figured out an easy fix over there tho. I have handled a 243, looking for a 45/70. I haven't seen the Long Ranger in person but hear every bit as god as the BLR.


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I have not shot the Henry single shots yet but I have shot the CVA Scout .44 Magnum. With a 4x scope the one I shot held a sub 2" group at 100 yards with 240gr JHP. I expect it would have been better with a 6x or 3-9 scope. The trigger was great for a factory rifle and it was light enough to carry anywhere.

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Old Mossy Horns
I have had very limited experience with the Scout rifles, one. A friend from Ms. bought one in 45/70. His wouldn't shoot in your hat. I immediately suspected scope, after, three scopes and 4 different types of ammo from a lead sled we found out it wasn't the scope. I know you get bad ones in anything so maybe that one was it.