Hendrick Domination!

red neck richie

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1 thru 4! Whatcha got? Keep in mind yall had Larson banished cause he used the N word! Lawd have Mercy! I told yall he was gonna take over the 48 well they put him in the 5 for political correctness issues. But who gives a sheet about political correctness you say what you feel Ill do the same! Anyone that watches racing can see the boy can drive~! Bubba win a friggin race before you talk sheet! Went to the NHRA Southern nationals in Commerce. Antron beat out my girl Brittany. But he won fair and square and didnt make excuses especially because of race. I respect him for it because he earned it and wasent bitching about opportunity because of his skin color. Its a drag race only one that makes a big deal about race and gender is those that dont win!
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