Hemp Dogbane

Anyone been able to develop a good strategy for eliminating hemp dogbane? We have it all over the farm we purchased last year. Nothing seems to kill it. Now I have it exploding in my soybean and cowpea plots. The clover I planted last fall seems to have it under a bit more control, and we are currently just mowing off what is in the clover plots at clover top level. I got it kind of under control in my corn by spraying it with gly and 2,4-D just when the corn was starting to take off. Herbicide seems to have set it back enough to allow the corn to get up over the top and shade it out.


Twelve Pointer
Repeated doses of 2-4d but obviously not in existing crops. Is this is N.C.? Never seen dogbane in N.C. that I can remember.


Eight Pointer
I doubt you will find something selective that will not kill the beans. Is it tall enough that you could use a wick bar or weed wiper and not touch the beans?
Yes, in NC and I see it all over Stokes and Surry Counties.
Beans are still pretty small, but now so is the dogbane. I mowed over the top


Ten Pointer
The last two years we’ve planted beans that allow us to spray gly and dicamba.
It’s a pretty potent combination.


Button Buck
I thought I recalled reading that it had been banned for sale recently by court order.
The dicamba that is labeled for use with those beans is, but regular ol Banvel is still around. Just saying...

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