Help with a boat name


So it’s time to slap a name on the new boat, and I’m stuck between two. Wife hates them both so that’s no help.

Option one is “Mama’s Mad”. When I was considering buying a new boat, the wife wasn’t thrilled with the idea. I said something about boats to her in the car one day and she just rolled her eyes and huffed. I looked back at my little boy and said to him “mama’s mad” and the name kind of stuck from there.

Option two, I have no idea how I stumbled across but for some reason I find it hilarious. A bit inappropriate maybe, but only if you make it that way… “Chum Stains”.

Which one fellas?


Old Mossy Horns
Of course someone will come up with Master Baiter so let's get that one on the list...

But...It's not possible for us to give suggestions without pictures!!!

sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
Got a third option?

Mama's Mad sounds like it's going to be a bad reminder for her every time she looks at it. And every time you have to spend more money on it. I actually like this one, but only pick this name if SHE likes it.

Chum Stains sounds like someone crapped their pants.

If it's not going in the ocean, don't name it at all.


Leaning towards Mama’s Mad. The wife is fine with the whole thing. We just constantly jab at each other, but it’s all in fun. She actually enjoys the boat as much as I do.

The boat is an offshore rig, so it needs a name.


Eight Pointer
When I lived in southeast Fl. many many years ago my Dad decided to buy a 35' Chris Craft yacht. It was a beautiful boat w/ teakwood decks, mahogany trim & a wood hull, etc. Prior to the actual sell, he had the seller paint the name "TARHEEL" on the stern complete w/ a footprint w/ a black smudge. Unfortunately, the deal fell through after the boat inspector discovered that the screws in the hull had electrolysis & they would have to backed out & replaced.

red neck richie

Twelve Pointer
I have a name picked out if I ever get a boat big enough worth naming! I have a 20ft bay boat center console as of now. But The name will be reel deep. Its a running joke that you can stick your pole in the water and tell the depth. If the water touches the reel you know its reel deep!


Old Mossy Horns
In the episode of the Flintstones when Barney and Fred got a boat, one wanted to name it Nautical Lady and the other Princess of the Sea, so they took the 1st 3 letters of the 1st name and the last 3 of the second name and came up with Nausea. I named my last boat this.

I agree with what was said Chum Stains is terrible and Mama gonna be mad every time she sees the name Mamas mad.