Helium and Clonigerbra


Ten Pointer
Save some deer for the rest of us......good lord. Contrats on a successful weekend ( and everyone else who had any success). I would not be on that list.....my opening day record is worse than the Cleveland browns.


Twelve Pointer
I was very blessed and thankful for the opportunities that presented themselves. I hunted 3 sits this weekend. Saw a total of 13 deer. 12 of which on public land. Missed twice and connected twice. That’s a first for me in over 22 years of hunting.

With only one buck tag left for nc, I will be very picky on my next nc buck. Ill be hunting in sc as well this season so I will have a couple buck tags there to fill.

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Twelve Pointer
Thanks Dolfan, as Cloninger said “blessed”!

Never had an opening day like that before... thank the Lord for this one.

Received news today of a friend who fell 20’ out of stand Sat.. thankful he is alive.

We just never know...