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Heck of a trout bite today


Old Mossy Horns
Our fishing on this side of the Pamlico Sound is finally getting right. Had a good solo mission yesterday with 18 trout and 1 bass. All the trout were keepers with majority being nice fish. Talked to several others who also had good to excellent catches. Some big girls showing up too. Was beginning to wonder if there had been a trout rapture.


Twelve Pointer
Haven’t been recently but warm weather this week think Ima go try it tomorrow if nothing changes . Water temps should be jumping now with these warmer days and night time temps staying up


Old Mossy Horns
62-66* where I’ve been fishing last 2 weeks. I expect upper 60’s/low 70’s water by end of next week. Will start focusing on topwater momentarily.


Twelve Pointer
We fished yesterday afternoon. Dang wind was 90° off the forecast direction and blowing 4 times as hard as they called for🤣
Few short strikes on a spook, boated a few on a jig. Jr got the first flounder of the year.
Our fish were finnicky as heck yesterday overall.
Did get to see a freaking hog speck go airborne. Not sure if she was chasing bait or being chased by a dolphin or shark. Cool sight to say the least, it isnt every day you see a 10# trout jump.


Six Pointer
I’m new to fishing in the innercoastal, and new river areas. I’ve only been able to catch a few reds and flounder. Can someone point me in the right direction of what to look for when going after trout/reds and hopefully stripped bass. I catch a few fish here and there but have never had a real good day on the water...well any day on the water is better than a day at work.