Heated vest


Floyd the Barber
Just seeing if anyone on here has one or has ever used one while on the deer stand. Im always looking for ways to stay warmer without the bulk. Every once in a while when Im hunting Illinois in November it can get down right bitter cold. Honestly 20's and 30's feel like the antarctic when your use to wearing shorts,T- shirts and flip flops just days prior to hunting.... Ive read several reviews on Amazon but thought Id check with you guys...Thanks


Twelve Pointer
I have a heated Dewalt jacket. No need to wear coveralls so Wear only it to the stand when really cold and winter pants. Does a good job on low setting.

Winnie 70

Eight Pointer
Just bought me a wool Army green jacket off Ebay....not the shirt jacket we were issued when in military....but a zip front lined wool. Now, that will keep you warm if you wear layers under it. Can hardly find wool clothing anymore but that is the standard if you truly want to stay warm.


Twelve Pointer
I have a friend that swears by a Puma brand heated vest as the greatest thing ever. I have not found 1 for big kid sizes yet though.


Four Pointer
Check out thewarmingstore.com I bought a camo heated vest from there back in 2011 and it still works great. I’ve loved mine. Works great for those cold mornings during turkey season as well.


Four Pointer
My wife uses a Thermalution heated vest scuba diving. It keeps her warm in cold water, so their sport vest is bound to work well on dry land. They're pretty pricey though.