Have you downsized to the .410

I would love to tote a .410 but the only one I have is a single shot. I will never carry a single shot turkey hunting again due to one bad experience.
Had too much pressure on the trigger raising the gun and it went off at his feet.
He stood and spit for just long enough that I could say dang. If I had a pump or semi I could have shot again.
Not that would ever happen again. But now it won’t.

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Killer, regarding your unfortunate experience, the same kind of thing happened to me 2 years ago. I normally hunt with a Winchester 37 in .410, which is a single shot. I have no idea what happened but had a shell snap on me 3 times with the bird at 12 yds. As he was leaving I was able to get another shell in and kill him at 26 yds. I always keep a spare shell on my stock so it is a quick reload.