Harrington&Richardson(Belgian)Ultra Medalist 6mm Rem

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I picked up this rifle a few months ago as part of an estate sale deal. Had to buy the whole lot of guns to get the deal I wanted on two in particular. Anywho, I figure there might be an H&R aficionado/guru or a 6mm guy who might be interested in this rig.

Harrington and Richardson Ultra Medalist chambered in 6mm Rem. From what I have researched, there aren’t too many of these guns in existence. Mauser 98 action built by FN in Belgium. The blueing on the barrel and receiver is quite impressive, deep and dark. Walnut sporter style stock with wide flat foreend and highly figured cheek piece. No dings or scratches She’s a heavyweight for sure. Bausch and Lomb 2.5-8x scope(Japan).

Have a few pics but more can be taken by request.

Located in Wilmington NC. Would prefer FTF sale within a reasonable distance.

Asking $750….
Send me a PM with any questions. Thanks.


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Googled the gun and saw a few "cool" looking pictures. The "description" picture is supposed to be from 1969. Too bad current prices are not in line with 1969 prices. Scope length is close to the barrel length.


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Six Pointer
I think its super cool how the barrel diameter at the chamber is extended out to catch that scope block.