Handmade knife examples. <—updated progress pics


Old Mossy Horns
Ground until I went cross eyed and my tremor wouldn’t let me continue. I’ve been trying to remember to take some progress stuff. After hardness testing I put primary bevels on a TON of blades today. Since I’ve previously posted some of @ScottyB s knives, I’ll continue to follow them as I can. The other longer blade is for myself, what that means I’ll likely sell it too so make an offer lol. Looks like I’m on track to have a whole slew of em done and sold or selling this winter. If I got a message from you for a “request” I’ll be hitting you up as they finish. Any way the goods….View attachment 74993
Both of those blades on the right sold? If not I want one of em. Just the blade as is(y)