Gun Raffle or Gun Bash/Shows


Button Buck
Good morning all,

I was wondering if any gun raffles/bashes/shows ever take place? I moved here from Delaware, and every spring and fall, a fire department would host a gun bash. (Every ten minutes from 1:00 p.m. - 6 p.m. they would draw a number. If your number is picked you win the gun assigned to that time)
They were great events, and would love to attend one down here if they have it!
As well as any gun raffles!


Eight Pointer
I dont know of anything like what youre describing but I go to a lot of the banquets (NWTF, ducks unlimited, etc) where they will often raffle off several guns and other prizes.

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
NWTF is selling tickets right now for a huge gun give a way...they have it every year and it keeps getting bigger and better.


Four Pointer
Our local NWTF chapter is having a banquet December 7 and we will be giving away some guns A reserved table of 8 or more will get a gun per table


Staff member
I was wondering if any gun raffles/bashes/shows ever take place?

yes, lots

DU banquest and monthly/daily calendar drawings
Delta Waterfowl banquets
NWTF banquets
QDMA banquets
FNRA banquets
all kinds of other banquets
fire department raffles
hunt club raffles

and I am sure i missed some,,,,if you can't find a raffle you're not looking hard enough


Ten Pointer
Surrounding fire departments near me do 30 Guns/30 Days. Call your local FD.

Liberty Gun in Hillsborough did a monthly raffle. Don't know if they still do.

Periodically there are benefits put on for someone's medical bills, you'll find out about those at rural gas stations and restaurants.


Eight Pointer
Not sure what part of NC you are in, your profile doesn't say, but if in the eastern part, buy a Carolina Bargain Trader periodically. There are some advertised in it from time to time.


Four Pointer
I buy tickets for a VFD Gunbash in Maryland 2 x yr. I’ve won a few shotguns, rifles and an ATV. My daughter won a crossbow. I wish they did it down here. I’d like the $ to go local.

dc bigdaddy

Old Mossy Horns
don't know where you're at but there's a couple of large banquet / gun give aways around Duplin County. Duplin Onslow Hunters Association has their's in October, 30 guns plus $5k and a half and half that'll get pretty big.