Gun Cabinet Recommendations


Six Pointer
Looking for some recommendations for a decent gun storage cabinet. Ain't gonna be nothing fancy, just good enough to store 5-7 long guns and 2-3 handguns.


Eight Pointer
Go to Sam's and get one of those big SS cabinets, they have a lock on them and you could add another if needed, should keep kids out, if you're not looking for a safe.


Eight Pointer
Skip it and buy a safe. The time for glass door cabinets has come and gone
I recently saw a big glass gun cabinet in a thrift store, it was really nice looking, no damage.
My wife and i looked at it for several minutes, it reminded me of when I grew up and many
homes had these in the living room to proudly display their firearms, and the gun racks also.

We shook our heads and walked away, sadly today people must safely secure their firearms in
those huge metal safes, or risk losing them. I miss the old days.


Eight Pointer
Come on now. I have one. Its empty but I have one. It was passed down long ago just cant get rid of it. Bought a safe years ago.


Button Buck
If you're still in the market take a look at SecureIt or something similar as an option to a safe. A truly secure safe, is more than most people can afford. Most safes are pretty easy to get in to, especially the "budget" models.


Old Mossy Horns
Keep an eye on Marketplace and local County Yard Sales on FB. I picked up nice 20 gun Liberty Centurion for $250 including a dehumidifier.

The old display cases were nice but these days you might as well put your guns on the front porch. At least they might not break down your door.....