Ground Blind Fiberglass Rod Repair


I just pulled a brand new ground blind out of the woods and that nasty wind storm we had dropped a glancing blow tree on it. One side took the brunt of the blow and at least 2 of the fiberglass rods shattered.

I dismantled a prior popup ground blind and have extra rods.

Has anyone had any luck removing a shattered rod and replacing it? Any tips on how to remove a rod from the female metal hub?

I hunted this thing 3 freaking times before it got smashed. Thanks in advance.


Button Buck
A few years back same thing happened to my Rhino ground blind. I unfortunately had about 4 rods shattered. I was able to buy replacements from the Rhino website. Check on the brand website to see if they sale replacement rods.


Thanks. Going to contact Muddy. I dismantled another broken ground blind and kept the cover and the rods. The rods from old are same size as new but I’m not certain how to remove old ones from their metal ends without damaging. I’m just handy enough to at times be dangerous but pondering heating the glue and see if they can be yanked out. No idea how fiberglass responds to heat.


Six Pointer
Mine were attached to the metal hub with bolts and nuts. There might be a cap to remove to access the bolts. I removed them and then had to tap them out. I was not repairing one but taking apart to save the rods for whatever else. Had some old blinds that were damaged. I have some of the old rods out as yardage markers.