Grilled deer roast


Twelve Pointer
This is gonna be good. Medium sized deer roast between two blankets of bacon (2 lb total). Layered with pepper and onions. Sprinkle on salt, pepper and about 5 table spoons of brown sugar. Lump on some butter.
Sealed in foil and grilled at 300 to 325 for about 5 hours. 20201006_105234.jpg20201006_163939.jpg

red neck richie

Twelve Pointer
Was absolutely delicious. A few changes for next time. There needs to be a way to elevate the meat above the drippings. And there needs to be more brown sugar, probably rubbed directly on the roast. Otherwise I wouldn't change a thing.
Just poke some holes in the bottom of the foil. I agree with the brown sugar makes an awesome bark.


Eight Pointer
Did u grill it or bake it? Post said grilled but I saw it sitting on stove so I was just wondering. I’m going try the same ingredients with some backstrap