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Great Season Lots of ducks and end with Jack Miner


Eight Pointer
Thankful for another great season. We were fortunate to have plenty of fowl and safe hunting. This week was exceptional with limits and a Jack Miner band to top it off.
My hands cracked, my gear is mommicked , and the dogs and I are ready to catch up on some much needed sleep. Made some great memories. .
Time now to get on the snow geese and do some quail hunting.
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Wow! Liberal limits huh??
Yes, Most outfitters have a huge area with a limited number of hunters. They give you "X" number of shells and when you run out you are done. Most times you do not shoot all your shells and on a few magical days you do. Lots of people waiting for the ducks.


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My last trip to Mexico was in 2019. I have spend a great amount of time down there but my days of taking clients down there hunting and fishing are postponed until things changed. I had a customer that really wanted to kill a pintail. That's all he wanted. He shot 35 pintails his first day. Very fun place to hunt and fish but not worth getting kidnapped. You can not gringo your way out of road blocks like in years past.