Great hunt, No deer


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Had a great hunt today even though no deer were harvested. About 3:50, I hear something running behind my stand. I turn to see a blond/gold coyote at about 10 yards. She looked straight up at me when shouldering my CVA Optima Pro Magnum. Se trotted away to 24 yards and stopped and turned. BOOM! Dirt nap. An hour and a half later I noticed movement at the bottom of the hill. This time yogi came in to feed at 55 yards Fortunately for him, bear season opens next Saturday. Great encounters despite not seeing a deer. Its not about the killing, but about the experience.
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Yeah his mid section looks filled out pretty well. Legs don’t have that lanky look. Head looks blocky and ears dwarfed. Hard to tell from pics but he dang sure looks like a decent one. Thanks for sharing