Got one in the works


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So one of the blessings that’s come with my crazy work schedule is saving money and getting to move to a house/property that truly feels like home. The cherry on top is that @Bluedogman shot me a text yesterday saying he’s got a housewarming gift for us that will be ready at the end of the month. It’s come full circle, seeing how he’s the one that turned me on to hunting with hounds. I’ve hunted with his dogs and get play by play texts on every hunt I’m not able to
Go on. She came from two of his best and I’m flattered he’s helping me get the ball
Rolling with this little one.
Disclaimer: can’t take credit for the beard, it’s his not mine.


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sweet pup - like blueticks,,, had one back in the mid 80s for coon hunting,,,


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I’m a Bluetick lover as well, I have one now, she’s the family pet and spends a lot of time just relaxing on the porch.... originally was my coon dog but life got busy, she’s an amazing companion and protective of my wife and kid if strangers come around

Mack in N.C.

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Beautiful Pup!! I had a Bluetick as well back in the 80's. Had a Black and Tan with it too. .... 2 of the best coondogs around. My Bluetick was fearless. She was tough as nails.


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Not even joking I read your comment as “nice eyebrows. Love the blue dog too.” I had to scroll back up to see if this was a reference to Drews eyebrows being in the pic🤣 But yeah she’s a pretty pup.
You haven’t been in the dog world long enough. Those eyebrows are known as pumpkin seeds.