Good morning at the range


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At the range at least one day a week.
Yesterday I had 3 rifles to shoot.
Nephew wanted me to zero a new savage 17 mach 2 First time I had ever shot one.
My buddy bore scoped first.
Took me 2 shots to get it in the dot at 25 yds.
After took 2 more shots at 50 yds to find the hold on for 50.It has a center point 4x16 scope with dots.After dot clay birds wasn't a problem at 50 yds.

Next Tried my custom muzzle loader that I wanted to see how knurling the bullets would do.
First shot went a little high I guess because it wasn't knurled.Next I was very happy with.These were at 300 yds.

Next was my tikka 308 trying a new load at 200 yds.
Was using the sie 165 BTHP.these shoot like a custom bullet and work great on deer in 308 and 30/06,used 47.5 grs of Cfe powder.If you try work up to 47.5 grs..Gave me 2700 out of my tikka
3-shot group


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good deal,,,

I was supposed to have a range day this morning,,,,got up, started working, and forgot about it,,,,left someone hanging high and dry ?


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nice shooting...I use that same lyman digital to measure my kidney stones...haha...hope to do some indoor range tomm