Good day to smoke deer shanks.


Old Mossy Horns
On and off rain so it is a good time to smoke some deer.
Starting off with deer shanks and plan to smoke a ham.
Deer shanks will be used later for some beans.
My normal rub and on the cold side of the grill with charcoal on the other and some burnt oak and maple chips.
Also a good time to start some burnt oak for later. Next time I check I will add oak chunks on the outside to start char.27391


Old Mossy Horns
About 2.5 to 3 on the shanks then wrap and leave alone on the edge to the 5 hr point.
The ham was about 5 or so and still red inside.
Chunked up part of the ham for stew and the other to slice up for sandwich or wraps.
I shave some and make tacos one night.

Had red beans and rice with the shanks for lunch yesterday and will have today.
Enough for dinner a few nights also.
Cook on the weekend eat all week....


Button Buck
I have been wanting to smoke some venison on my charcoal grill (that’s how we do the thanksgiving turkey each year). Any tips/tricks? Do you cook to a certain internal temp or just a basic time frame?


Old Mossy Horns
Really cant do time. I have been cooking for years, was a chef in the past I always do it by feel.
Key is to not have heat under it, I keep charcoal and wood under one side ot the grill and then add meat to the other. My grill has 2 flip up sections I can add wood, chips or charcoal as I need it.
You really need to learn your grill, how to control the heat and how to get it low but not go out.
I shoot for 200 to 250 it will go up and down from there I just shut the air intake as needed. A solid chunk of meat is easier to cook to start. Never poke it or use a fork, it will dump all the juice from it and get dry.
I have been able to cook a deer round for 3 to 4 hrs and still have it red center. Just cant let the fire get it or the heat. Fewer spikes the better.
For smoke chips work best and as soon as it starts to smoke good cut the air for 15 min then open just enought to keep it going.
Takes time, little knowledge on meat and your grill.


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I love the shanks. Threw them to the animals for years until my father in law showed me the goodness. Never again will they be scrapped.

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Old Mossy Horns
Really can't say for the rub.
I do it by taste and looks.
There was a post I did a little back that had all I put in it.
I will look for the link.
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Old Mossy Horns
It's Mr.Gadget big ass butt rub.

It has CG black pepper
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Ground red pepper
Chili powder
Sea salt
White pepper
Smoked paprika
Last two can be dropped and up others like the red pepper and chili and white pepper more.

I do not cook to temp never have. Cooked all my life. All by feel and looks.