Gobbling reports


I heard a few gobbles a couple of properties over from where I went to listen this morning. That place is better late in the season once the leaves are out in full. It was nice to hear one, but I wish he'd been closer. We'll see what Saturday's listening post brings.

Nothing this morning in SC. Weather wasnt exactly gobbling weather either but still expected something. Youth days tomorrow we will see what it brings.

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
went a long way to hear very little but at least a few gobbled sparingly.
these started early and flew down right at 7.
it was pretty brisk wind wise but mostly they had a zillion hens so no use to waste any energy gobbling.
not a peep from one on the ground.
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Ol Copper

Eight Pointer
Drove 7 hrs total and stayed on public from daylight until dark scouting. Didnt hear any this morning, but really didn't expect to in the less than ideal conditions. Hard to hear over that freight train wind in them big pines.
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Eight Pointer
Chatham county between Pittsboro and Siler here. I walked out to my truck weds morning to get my hat and when I slammed the truck door one shock gobbled 100yds behind my house. Only ever seen one hen around here and that was years ago. I was glad to hear him.
I live in Chatham Cty. closer to Durham area, we had 22 in the back yard last week. I mean within 10 yds. of the house. One time we had 15 turkeys and 8 deer, all out together.


Twelve Pointer
First time out to listen this morning. We heard 4. Watched one in a pine strutting and gobbling. Heard one about 8am about 500 yds away. Headed that way and watched him strutting near a hen. Another was gobbling about 100 yds from him . Good morning.
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