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Not denying he is a great driver but I wouldn't call him a goat even if I disliked him.
As far as the greatest of all time......... he still has a long way to go to be that.

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I believe if you gave all the drivers out there the same car, he'd get you the fastest lap time.
He's good !....and that wife of his...whew !!!🤪🤪🤪


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Shrub is hardly the goat. He couldn't hold Petty or Earnhardt's jock. He's at best 5th on the list.


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So Kyle Busch has won a total of 219 NASCAR "touring series" races. This included 100 Xfinity (Busch) Series races and 61 Craftman Truck series races. That means around 58 Cup series races. Petty didn't have the truck series and didn't run the Busch races that I can remember but he had 200 Grand National/Cup series wins. David Pearson has 105 Cup wins. Just add some perspective.


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Comparing wins of today and yesteryear is ludicrous IMO. The competition at today’s local late model races is stiffer than the old ‘Cup’ races…

Yep. Playing field is much more level today. You put Larson, KyBu, or Stewart in a Petty/Yarborough/Pearson era car and you likely would’ve leveled that field a good bit back then.


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58 cup wins! Try again

Help me out then. This is all I could find.

He holds the record for most all-time wins in all three of NASCAR's national touring series with 219 (as of June 19, 2021).
Furthermore, he holds the record for the most Xfinity Series wins in a season with 13 in 2010, and the most overall with 100. Busch also holds the record for most overall wins in the Truck Series with 61. As of 2019, he is the only driver in history to have 50+ wins in NASCAR's top 3 series.

219 - 100 = 119
119 - 61 = 58

Don't mind giving the boy credit but where am I wrong?