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So for the longest I've hunted with an old Mossberg 500 that Longbeard Xr's shot flawlessly through. But the past few months I put together a 870 20 gauge that I was planning on trying out tss with it. But I just can't see myself falling into buying these overpriced rounds. So today I ran some federal 3rd degrees through the little 20 gauge and was totally impressed. What are some of your turkey gun set ups and what does your gun like the most.


Six Pointer
Stevens 301 410 with apex ninjas 40 yd gun all day factory choke federals weren't impressive


Six Pointer
Benelli SBE II 12 ga. with Sumtoy .650 loves 2oz. Hevi 6's or 7's. Won't shoot the MagBlends worth a flip.

I used to shoot Winchester Supreme 1.75 oz. plated #6's , until I shot a broadside gobbler with head up at 37 yards, knocked him down, cut feathers, and drew blood, but he got up & ran off. I switched to Hevi and it really thumps 'em.



Twelve Pointer
A mossy 500 20ga
24” barrel
Longbeard 6s

Patterns are great to 40yds

I’ve been shooting my bow to 80yds and feel confident if I feel like stalking some fields edges down.

Every year I gravitate toward a different firearm.

Really want to kill one with granddads old Ithaca 16ga sxs
Fiocchi 5s
It’s a good 40yd gun

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TSS isn’t overpriced, you’re just cheap:)

It’s worth every penny(y)
Was at acadamy the other day and they had 5rd boxes of 12 gauge 3in. Tss for 50 bucks! Guess I am cheap cause no way in hell I'm paying 10 bucks a round.


Six Pointer
Mossberg Model 9200 with good old Remington Nitro Turkey #6. This setup is a legit 45 yard gun been using this since 1992. I have always felt turkey hunting was up close and personal, so if I can't get the turkey within 40 yards, he wins....

I have only missed once with this gun and in hindsight, the gobbler was out of my effective range, misjudged the distance as he was out in an open field...


Old Mossy Horns
TSS isn’t overpriced, you’re just cheap:)

It’s worth every penny(y)
This is truth and reason its my go to why not use most efficient available. Unless you killing truck load or can't aim straight it doesn't average out to much 2 birds for price of eating out at Wendy's


Eight Pointer
Depends on the day and where I’m hunting.

main gun 870 compact 20ga, sumtoy .562, 3” 1 5/8oz Tss 9’s

Savage 301 T .410, Jebs xfull , 7/8oz Tss 9.5’s

870 super mag, sumtoy .665, 3” 2oz Tss 9’s or 3.5” mag blends

franchi affinity 3, sumtoy 562, 2 3/4” 1 5/8oz Tss 9’s
Tss is all handloads and all hawglips loads.