glock stippling


Old Mossy Horns
That is a funny subject. Some of the most vocal against doing it has no problem about hacking on otherwise nice weapons and doing some of the most outlandish modifications to them I have seen. I can either take or leave the stippling but the really good jobs look good and I can see where they make them more serviceable.


Old Mossy Horns
Only problem I see or have with it from the gun shop side of things....
People spend good money on a glock then spend money and have it custom done up in some form or fashion...then a few weeks or month later they are back and want to trade it for the next greatest thing or different model of the same gun....
That said they say I just paid 500 for the gun and 100 having it custom done up....
Why can't I get 550 to 600 for it. Why will you only give me 375 for it....


Twelve Pointer
Regardless of where you get it done, I'd have it done right or it can seriously detract from the guns value and even it's function. The latest work is done with lasers and this local outfit (there are others, I'm sure) seems to do some good work.
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