Glock 9mm


Old Mossy Horns
Kind of hard to beat the 15 plus 1 on the 43x.
Very little difference in a 43 and 43x. The 43x is .7 oz heavier but has better grip and capacity. Yes the grip is a little longer but to me it is worth it.
If I want something smaller I just carry the G42.


Twelve Pointer
I have the 43. I like it’s size compared to the x for CC purposes.
Hard to beat the full sized gun for plinking and drilling.

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Four Pointer
To repeat from the past,,,

do you know why the Brits developed the “double tap”???

Cause they couldn’t handle the .45
Or just go with the G18 "spray and pray" model :unsure:
@bernardo G43X has a better feel to my hand but I would base more along $ and feel to you and how you plan to carry. Glock stepped up their game a bit with barrels on both of these CC models.


Twelve Pointer
Most experienced shooters (myself included) find the G48 to shoot a wee bit flatter (i.e. less muzzle rise) due to the longer slide. Since the butt of the gun is the challenging part to conceal, there's no real downside to using the longer G48 for concealed carry.

If you already have a G43, the G43X will fit the same holster, but I personally wouldn't find that to be compelling reason to choose one over the other.


Twelve Pointer
The 48 is really close in oal size to a 19. But obviously a thinner with due to the single stack magizine.


Old Mossy Horns
Just go with the G45.

I just picked up one with threaded barrel for you know what.....

Great feel and balance with the shorter barrel and slide.
But down side really too big and heavy for a good CC weapon.