Getting that feeling....

Ol Copper

Eight Pointer
Since I got my new bow back from getting new threads and a tune I can't stop shooting it. Took it out tonite to start calibrating the HHA sight. Getting out to 60 was no problem and after a few tweaks of the sight she started spitting some fairly decent groups. I usually don't hunt too early, fat boy don't like heat, but I am slam fired up to hit Ohio in October.

Ol Copper

Eight Pointer
Looking good!

Don't forget to shoot those broadheads also. They will "tell the tale" if you're tuned if they are fixed heads.
Great advice that a lot of guys don't heed.
Shooting Slick Tricks on a properly spined arrow and tuned bow gives me great broadhead flight that matches my field points exactly. Im ready for Sept. 7th.


Ten Pointer
waiting for new heads to come in the mail but I am all set up besides the head tuning. I am planning on sitting opening day in SC , just to scratch the itch. putting Permethrin on the clothes this weekend. Got my new stand packed up and ready, lighted nocks in, thermacell loaded, headlamp charged, knife sharpened........ I might just so sit in the tree on monday and just wait there till thursday.............Sad part is I get this fired up every year and NEVER get anything opening day.....maybe this