Getting it done!

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
Nice looking spot...lots of high pines to get super high and see into that fallow ground as well. Plenty of bedding close...that ought to be a good one with the right wind.


Twelve Pointer
I am trying to make a few smaller plots back in some areas that are not close to our sanctuary fields. These are under one acre and for bow hunting. All are set up for easy quiet access and prevailing winds. I had to wait till much of the timber left behind was rotted to get back in these areas. It was a mess back in these cut overs but the deer love it. This is a great time of year to clear everything. I will spray in the spring then disc the plots a few times before fall planting


Old Mossy Horns
Good looking plots..... coming soon with lots of wildlife.
Nice work