Garmin Alpha 10


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We just picked one up this weekend. It's my wife's Christmas gift but given that she's incredibly impatient I saved the box, wrapped it and put it under the tree.

Pretty neat. IF you aren't tracking a bunch of dogs, it's much nicer to carry around, smaller and easier to come to hand. The toggle and buttons are better too.


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Someone just asked me about the 10 yesterday. I didn’t have a clue about it. Let us know how you liked it at the end of hunting season. Seems like it’d be perfect for hunting with your bird dog on public


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I've walked with it the last couple days. So far I'm pretty impressed. There's an app that it connects with too that I'm looking forward to playing around on. In the past I've used Dogtra's pathfinder and really liked the app that it utilized. Probably it would be pretty near perfect for a rabbit hunter or a coon hunter if the coon hunter didn't mind the lack of a backlit display.

  • It's easy to toggle between the two dogs I have and find them; it would be easy if I had a few more
  • Your buddy can share their dogs and their location as well...I've done that with my Alpha 100
  • You Can send messages to your contacts on their devices; I haven't messed with that myself
  • Not great for a training collar; you can tone, or shock, but really I leave it set to tone 100% of the time
  • Screen isn't backlit, at night you need a headlamp to see it


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i thought about getting one for running my drive track but I have been on the fence.
It would be good for that. But I really like it for carrying through the woods. If I were a bear hunter or a deer hunter and had to traipse into the woods to get the dogs out, I'd prefer it to the original Alpha that I have. The big flaw IMO is that it isn't backlit so at night can be tough.