FYI - AWB 2019

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
And prices on AR platform rifles start to skyrocket in 3-2-1........... and you can forget finding ammo. The Democrats are the best thing to happen to gun manufacturers ever.

Inshore duck

Six Pointer
It’s a feel good thing for them. It may pass the house but can’t muster the votes in the senate and trump would veto it anyway. January 2021 is when we have to worry potentially.

The Dude

Eight Pointer
Doesn't she do this about once a year anyways? Also, her having been in office since before the first AWB in 1994 tells me that she has been there waaaay to long.

Inshore duck

Six Pointer
Trump wants what all first term presidents want... a second term. He isn’t going to piss off his base at least not at this point.