FS Switch barrel 2 - 45cals Billinghurst underhammer muzzleloader


Eight Pointer
I love this gun, but life priorities are changing and I'm not likely to find time to enjoy it as much as I used to.
It was made by John Braxton of the Snow Camp area of NC. He also made the replica cannons at Fort Fisher I am told if the name sounds familiar.
Anyway, I talked with John when I got the gun years ago from the estate of the original owner.

The main barrel is a 458 Cal 22 twist Douglas. The scope rail was mounted by the owner according to John. It has a small shim at both screw points. It shoots very well with modest loads under a 340 gr Lee 45-70 bullet, or stout loads under a 255gr or 280gr Colt bullet.

The 2nd barrel is a 66-70 twist 45 round ball barrel. It is regulated to the open sights with a modest charge of FFFg.

Barrels are swapped out by tapping the taper pin at the receiver.

The receiver is a work of art. The spring is very firm, hits the nipple like the hammer of Thor. I would recommend platinum nipples.

Beautiful case coloring on metal finishes.

The trigger and sear engagements have a hardened setting seen in the close ups.

The extent of sear engagement can be adjusted with a set screw, mechanically setting the trigger pull.

Based on the stripping of some of the screw heads as well as some dimples in the receiver near the taper pin, the gun has definitely seen some use. I personally hunted with it for a number of years and went through three nipples myself.

But it is in good condition, all rifling is strong, and I have never had a failure to fire.

Price is $675.00. The scope is NOT included.

Let me know if you need more pics.