FS/FT? Rem 788 LH 6mm


Eight Pointer
I have a LH Rem 788 6mm I bought from original owner. (LH bolt, RH eject) 22" barrel.

Not a beauty queen, original owner attempted to refinish and shorten the stock a little to put on a bigger recoil pad. 100% serviceable, but needs a little touch up if you want floor room appearance. Fixed sights have been removed. Scope mount is included.

Great shooting gun, kills stuff at a long range. Only reason I'm selling is to reduce the number of calibers I'm reloading for, and this baby is the odd gun out.

Comes with Lyman 2 die set and an extra RCBS seater, and as much brass as I can muster, probably 50-100, all in good shape.

Pics to follow, but I'm keeping the scope, rings, and sling.

Full disclosure note: The 788 is notorious for ejecting shells into the windage turret on scopes. You would want either high rings, a low profile turret, or slide the scope as far back as possible - as I did.

Cash price - $525 FTF in Asheboro/GSO/HP/Tville/Lex
Trade interests:
Single shot 223.
Single shot 30-30.
Bolt gun 30-30.
(I have 5 grandsons, some lefty some not, so I would prefer simple guns to have on hand in those calibers.)

pics to follow.


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Old Mossy Horns
I love the 788, they are usually really accurate.....glws!

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Eight Pointer
If it wasn't a lefty, I would have already bought it. I love these rifles and they don't seem to pop up too often.


Eight Pointer
Thanks guys. Its a great gun. No issues other than the disclosure part above. Nice flat shooting, takes heavy 6mm bullets.

I just got to the point I'm killing things left and right with a 223, and if I need bigger, I'm building large bore muzzleloaders I like.

Figure if anyone ever asks me on an antelope hunt, I'll just use a 30-06.


Twelve Pointer
I have two 788 carbine versions with 18 1/2" barrels, 243 and 7-08. Great rifles and I love to shoot them! Good luck with your sale. It looks better in the pictures than your description sounded. :)


Eight Pointer

I revised the trade list to exclude some things I would like.

Really want to make sure the kids are taken care of, so I'm looking for a single shots in 223 or 30-30 (I guess a 243 would work but I don't want a Rossi), or the bolt gun in 30-30 because those old savage 340's were indestructible.

Cash is best, then I could just get a Henry Single Shot and have a nice heirloom for them to fight over.