Frost seeding tips


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How effective is it ? The land I hunt is being cut in stages ... meaning a little every year till it's all cut. When to lime n fertilizer and time of year to do the seeding? Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated!


Old Mossy Horns
It works , but it depends on what you're trying to seed I think. Clover , chicory , some brassicas , chuffa , I think it works well , things like corn , soy beans , not so much.


Old Mossy Horns
Best time to frost seed is February. Be sure to lime before. I will lime in early January and frost seed in February on farm up in Rockingham county. Frost seeding clover and chicory works good.
Works better than seeding in Fall where deer populations are high. I tried the first year to seed in the fall in Rockingham county but the deer over grazed the clover that winter.

Eric Revo

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Wotks good with some self drilling seed, but not so much with grains.
Most NC soils take months for lime to condition the soil, so conditioning at least a month before seeding is a good idea. Anytime is much better than never though.

sky hawk

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I lime 6 months in advance of planting. Fertilize when planting. Frost seed small seeds in February. I haven't done it much, but it supposedly does work. I've only used it for overseeding thin patches of clover, so it's hard for me to say how well it came up.

If you've got the sunlight, give it a shot. Seed doesn't cost that much. It's the fertilizer that costs the most, and clover doesn't need that much.