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Let's hear it. Tips to help with the process. I've fried enough fish to feed the red army. Don't know squat about a turkey other than to check my oil level and make sure it's not too full, and to make sure the turkey is thawed.


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Save a bunch of money on oil. Smoke it instead. Fried them for years. Started smoking them a couple years ago. Way better.


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I just make turkey nuggets.

Cut it up, dip it in egg, and then use several different breadings before putting them into the skillet. I usually like a hot breading, mild one, and just plain flour. I also rebread them after frying. It makes a HUGE mess in the kitchen. But youngins really seem to like it. So do I.
Thawed and DRY. Easy peasy. When you start to lower into oil, go very slow. Don't let the hot oil bubble up to much.
Enjoy. I plan on doing one. Been doing one every year for 8 years.
10-4 on the Smoked Turkey. If you deep fry it, I inject it with a Garlic & Herb Marinade. (Food Lion brand and run it through a sieve first to get out the larger chunks, as not to plug the needle.)


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Like said dry it!. I put it in the fryer and filled it with water to see exactly how much oil I would need. Inject it with whatever spicy concoction suits your fancy. It's been a while since I fried one but now you have me thinkin it might be time!


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Turkey frying for beginners: We've fried them for over 20 years and it is simple
NOTE: Get a good glass cooking/candy thermometer versus the stick/dial type...they are much more accurate than the dial (of 3 dial thermometers in the same pot the temperature readings varied 20 degrees or more)

Thaw turkey completely

Put turkey legs up on the stand with he hook and put into pot- add water to just below the tips of the legs- remove turkey allowing water to drain back into pot and scratch a line inside pot at the water level

Put turkey in sink or somewhere for it to dry completely (I pat it down inside and out with paper towels then use an air nozzle on a compressor to blow out as much water as possible)

Dump water and thoroughly dry pot- add oil to just below scratched line (oil will expand when heated and the boiling will raise the level) and put pot on burner & light

Once oil reaches 350 adjust burner so temperature SLOWLY rises to 375

With turkey dry and oil at 375 SLOWLY immerse bird into oil. The oil temperature will drop due to the cold bird so you will need to turn the burner up initially and then adjust while cooking to maintain 350 degrees

Fry bird 3 minutes per pound plus 5 minutes at 350 oil temp

Remove bird, allow to rest & cool a bit then carve and enjoy

We do not season or inject our birds anymore as the injection, being water based simply boils out of the meat and turns the oil black

If you want a truly AWESOME turkey Google "Trash Can Turkey" and try that...they are better than fried OMHO.
Bringing this back up because I going to try to fry one for the first time. May just do it plain because of previous post here. Anybody got anymore suggestions. Tomorrow is the day watch out. If we do it wrong may have a bunch of uninvited guest in a red truck.


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My last trip down go the Louisiana duck camp a fellow "air fried" an injected pork roast in one of the Char-Broil propane turkey air ffiers - it was great

I checked out his cooker - nice

Think my better half may ha be gig me one for Christmas - if so I'm frying a turkey in that thing and will report back
Well I did it. Fried it in peanut oil and it took a little over an hour. It was a big bird. It was nice a brown on the outside and pretty juicy inside. It was as good as an oven baked turkey probably a little better. I will admit it was quite a bit of trouble and took my time away from my other cooking. I’m not sure I will do it again and I have another turkey in the freezer.