Found an Older Hunters Bear for him Today


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We were headed out for breakfast this morning when an older hunter pulled up to the camp {76} said he had heard that I have helped people in the past that shot bear and lost the blood trail on a bear said he had shot one late Sat. afternoon in his field he hadn't loss the blood trail but the bear did make it across a canal and he just wasn't able to get across it due to his age and aliments talked for a few more minutes and I told him to get in the truck and go get breakfast with us and when we finished we would see what we could do for him. When we got back I loaded up 3 older hounds all of which will bay on a dead bear no matter how long its been dead, we got down to his field found good lung blood all the way to the canal ,once we got across the canal blood kinda played out had the guys turn the hounds out on the blood in the field they made a straight run to the canal crossed it opened up once about 50 yards from it and then sat right down baying on him 100 yards from the canal I knew he was dead by the sound of their barks got to them shortly an had a nice 447lb boar,we got him for the man took him to the camp weighed, skinned, cut it up for him.The gentleman offered to pay us but I told him that he didn't need to do that we were just happy we found it for him. This afternoon as we were setting around the camp watching football the gentleman pulls up with 3 deepdish apple pies and a chocolate cake his wife had made for us. Turned out to be a really good day for us to.
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Old Mossy Horns
Sounds like bunch good fellas all way around y'all helped hunter in need and he had to say thanks for it. bet that was some good pie

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What a completely unselfish thing for ya'll to do. Kudos to you and your buddies.
Ya'll have a lot figured out that some people just never learn. Big thumbs up !!!!!!!


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That was an absolutely great gesture. That is what hunters are supposed to do, especially for the older folks. I applaud you.
Absolutely agree, that's a great deed you did for the older guy. Bet those pies were good huh? Haha, gotta love it, best of luck.