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Forum Rules

This is a family friendly site so please keep this in mind before you post. Posts, photos, and links that do not meet the criteria will be edited or deleted.

While the site has a profanity filter attempts to work around it using symbols, abbreviations or creative spelling is not allowed.

Disagreements with other members will happen from time to time we suggest if things become heated you utilize the private messaging system. Please refrain from name calling and personal attacks.

Commercial advertising is not allowed we the owners have chosen to be ad free zone so please respect that. We do understand from time to time questions will arise like for example; “Anyone know a good taxidermist in Mayberry?” response to that are fine. We also allow you to have a commercial link in your signature line. Posting commercial ads in the classifieds is not ok.

MLM, pyramid schemes, etc. are viewed as commercial advertising and not allowed.

The classifieds forum is for active forum members only and requires a minimum number of posts before one can post items in the classifieds. Attempts at post padding to meet the requirement is not allowed.

Multiple accounts are not allowed if you have an issue with your account contact one of the Administrators and ask for assistance.

Some forums require additional registration. Instructions for signing up for them are stickies in the forum itself.

The administration of the forum is a hobby for the Administrators/ Moderators so please allow us two business days (maybe more if it is rut or strut season) to complete requests sent to us including registrations for the forums help with account issues etc.

The owners of North Carolina Hunting and Fishing Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason. We also reserve the right to terminate any account for any reason.
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