Forestry Mulcher Rental


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We have been give access to 125 acre 3 year old clear cut. Which is thick and stumps all over.

We have access to a 30hp tractor with bush hog, but we want open up several areas for a total of 5-6 acres for food plots. The land owner also wants us to create and maintain a utv trail around the property.

I was thinking a forestry mulcher would be the way to go. We can't afford to buy one but thought of renting one.

Does anyone know of a place we could rent one (Vance, Franklin, Granville area)?

Or if you have a better suggestion on how we should tackle this task.



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I’m interested in responses that you might get. Our club has discussed this very scenario on our lease as well but we haven’t found any info out. Thanks for posting this. 👍🏼


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I just had some work done a couple of weeks ago. From what I saw, you had better have some good equipment. This guy had a big skidsteer with an 8' mulcher head He went through some 12'-15' edge of pine, sweetgum and maple like it was a lawnmower. I would hate to think what it would cost to rent that kind of equipment and what it will cost you if something happens to it. This kind of work isn't cheap but well worth it for me. The guy I used is out of Clarksville so he is fairly local to you. His rate is $250/hr. 4 hr. minimum and not travel charge. I'll get him back over here as soon as I can save some more social security money............. unless we get another stimulus check.


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Rentals on the mulching heads are hard to find. The burn up, blow up and tear up easily. Much easier to find heavy mowing heads to rent though. A good mower will cut an 8 inch softwood, at least mine will.


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Herc rentals has just started renting them. My neighbor just got one. I think it was like $1100 for the day. He put like 15 hours on it which was than he was supposed to do maybe it was actually cheaper but that was with the extra hours.

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sky hawk

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Agree with the posts already. It’ll be hard to find one for rent likely. Expensive piece of equipment you can mess up quick if you don’t know what you’re doing.

We had some more work done this summer, and it was $1500/day. That’s a little more than last time, but it gets the job done.

It’s expensive, but what a good one can do is impressive.


Eight Pointer
I have had the same experience as many of the other posters. I tried to rent one two summers ago & there were none to be had. You will need to hire someone with the machine to do it.