Forest bathing....


Old Mossy Horns
I thought I was going to learn something other than which leaves to wipe my butt with 😔

Only city dwellers would try and re invent the wheel.

Fixed it for ya sir !

It's hilarious that those folks think they've actually latched onto something new.


Old Mossy Horns
It'll be interesting to see how many participants show up in sub-freezing temps , just to "feel closer" to mother nature.

People are way to lazy nowadays to simply listen to nature. They ain t got no idea.[/QUOTE]

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
uh-oh- when the crowd around jordan gets wind of this (they all have pinehurst envy anyway) it will be crowded on the GL.
May be an improvement because in this program you probably dont take fido with you? I am still skeered from a mastiff approach on me while looking for turkeys this spring. LOL

I agree with @HotSoup that hunters have known this for a long time. My fitbit records really low heart rates while i am in a tree just "forest bathing"
I will be using that term a lot. :)
Who knew we were improving our covid resistance (immune system) and our mental health while hunting.We all must partake more often.
Good thread @HotSoup.


Twelve Pointer
sheesh, wonder if i have one of these things, and how will i know if its broke
"parasympathetic nervous system to engage for therapeutic benefit"