Ford remote start won’t work when cold

Inshore duck

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2015 f250 6.7 power stroke won’t remote start when cold over the last few days. Attempts to start for about 1-2 seconds then has a about a 5 second pause then the horn beeps once. It starts fine with the key. After the initial start of the day it will remote start without problem. Dealer said it has to malfunction for them but when I have to drive 30 miles to them it obviously won’t malfunction at that point as it’s warm.


Twelve Pointer
Check your battery may be slightly too weak when really cold to make the remote start work.

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richard corn

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or if you need it during the day drop it off at dealership at end of day. That way they can check it out at first start up in morning

Bailey Boat

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In my GM the doors have to be locked to remote start, but I don't lock the doors when it's in the GARAGE!! Now if I could just remember that...

sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
Mine has done that once, but it was a random occurrence. Being temp. related, the battery would be the first thing to check. My understanding is It will do that any time there is a fault - low voltage, door open, alarm triggered, check engine light one, etc. I'm sure the remote start is more sensitive to voltage than you turning the key.


Six Pointer
Before you replace the battery check to ensure your cables are really tight. I've had so many funky electronic issues solved just by tightening a nut on a battery cable.


Eight Pointer
I've heard that diesels with remote starts take longer to crank because of the glow plugs heating up.