Florida vs UCF

Mack in N.C.

Old Mossy Horns
The Gators got bit tonight by the Knights. It was a really fun to watch game. IMO UCF my get better and stay better than the the 3 Big Florida schools.
Hope that one kid is ok.


Twelve Pointer
As an Auburn fan, I hope Gus can make a powerhouse out of UCF. However, after watching him refuse to adapt for so many years on the plain, I don't expect that to happen. Eventually, he won't be able to recruit OL because they won't be prepared for the NFL due to his blocking scheme; he will consistently ruin QBs and recruit incredible tight ends and use them only as H backs throwing them maybe 1 pass per game.

all that whining aside, that was a fun game, unless you're a Gator. Their QB was terrible.