Fishing south side of Pamlico, ramps, etc.


Eight Pointer
So, this is an opportunity to tell me there's no fishing there, no good ramps, and trillions of people trying.

However, I figure with so much southwest wind every day, and me with a little skiff, I'd go across the water and try down there. Seem to be a good of ramps and places to fish quieter water on a SW wind. Any advice or a guy like me? Specifically looking for flounder fishing, but I love the trouts and drums, too. :)


Ten Pointer
There is a pay ramp at south river.

You can also put in at a few places on cedar island.

Plenty of ramps on Adam's creek, cahooque creek etc.


Old Mossy Horns
South creek at aurora and cotton patch and durham's creek all have ramps. A little run to the river but not too bad.