Fishing rod rack


Four Pointer
Been trying to catch up on years of "honey-do's" lately. Last week, my daughter and I tackled the shed. After living at the same place for over 20 years, stuff piles up a lot. Part of the problem is when you don't have a specific place for 'stuff' to live. After spending a half day removing everything, sorting it up , tossing junk and cleaning the shed, it was time to determine what was going to live in the shed- Beach stuff, dirt bike stuff, trapping stuff and fishing stuff. I didn't realize how much fishing stuff I had until I decided it had a home to go to . I sent the kids on a fishing stuff scavenger hunt and the pile kept growing -fishing stuff in my office -in the garage -under the shed -Wow! This stuff must have been breeding every time I closed a door and turned off the lights! The most difficult gear to stash away neatly is rods, So I found a few pieces of the treated lattice left over from repairing the back deck. I ripped it in two and nailed it to the rafters (actually 2 shelf/lofts built in the rafters). This is made for rod storage! It took 30 mins from start to finish looks great. My daughter was very impressed...


Winnie 70

Eight Pointer
I made one similar using 2 1/2 inch PVC....cutting it into short pieces to put rod butt in and then hanging the other end of the rod on a hook.


Old Mossy Horns
Cool setup.
I used gas pipe and made a hanger that the rods set on, maybe 6' wide. Works great.
I only had room for on layer.
Used flange to tie in then 6" stub to 90 deg to a 6' section and another 90, 6" stub to flange.
They have worked great for 25 years. Each will hold 30 rods or about 20 with reels.

One thing I wish I did was cover the iron pipe with PVC or pool noodles.