First with a bow


Eight Pointer
After a couple years of trying I finally got my first deer harvest with my compound bow. Happened within the first two hours of the season. He turned slightly quartering away at 40yrds and hit a perfect double lung pass through shot. For those curious I'm in TN hunting the 3 day velvet hunt. I would have taken a better photo but we were in a hurry to get it in the cooler as it was 85 outside here. He's a little 4pt.


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Congrats, that’s a great deer you worked hard to get that will taste great! Be careful, now that the bow kill bug has bitten you you might never go back to a rifle...


Twelve Pointer
Congratulations. You'll never forget the first one and the first with a bow. Mine were over 50 years ago and I remember the details vividly.

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
Congrats on the velvet buck, I can't imagine sitting in this heat and skeeters but I did the same when I was younger and still mad at them. He should be very tasty.


That’s awesome, nice shot.
There’s nothing like watching an arrow take a long flight and find home. It’s a very powerful feeling!