First Robin Hood


Eight Pointer
I've been shooting a bow for going on three years now and had my first Robin Hood yesterday. My groups are normally pretty tight so i shoot at diffent targets so I don't damage fletching but yesterday it was getting dark and I was shooting at 30yrds so I didn't expect my groups to be too good so I chose to shoot at the largest bullseye. I knew that one shot made a weird sound but it didn't actually register until I got to the target.MVIMG_20190725_203136.jpgIMG_20190725_203130.jpg

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Four Pointer
I’d have a nice plaque from barn wood and hang it on the wall. You’re doing something right. ?


Ten Pointer
Yes, the first one is always awesome. I think I might still have my first on a shelf in the garage. I am amazed you didnt crack the back end of that shaft, fit in perfectly with no fracture it looks like.

They all suck after the first though, since they are just wasted arrows. Congrats! now don't ever do it


Eight Pointer
Definitely keeping it. Its currently sitting in the corner in my office. I agree its cool to have and I was pleasantly surprised I did it but those arrows arent cheap so definitely not wanting to do it again.


Old Mossy Horns’s no fun when it starts adding up in price. Hunting arrows isn’t too bad....the tournament arrows hurt quite a bit.

Last time I had that issue we were shooting a practice round at the local 3D club one afternoon after work. Towards the end I shot a 5 arrow group at a target I had been struggling with. Out of 5 arrows, only one of those was usable. That day hurt big time. The bad part was I didn’t know it until I walked down to the target.