Sticky Firearm kills - 2021


Six Pointer
8 pt with 2 stickers. Been getting him on cam pics all year he finally messed up this morning. Came in trailing and grunting after his lady friend . 70 yard shot 50 yard recovery.

Avery county
30-06 core-loks 165 gr


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Ten Pointer
Mason County, WV
BIG ole doe
100ish yard shot, she ran another 75-100yd
308Win with Barnes TTSX handloads
All week long all of the deer I saw were moving 8:45-9:30am, and the shots I were hearing from nearby properties would suggest they were seeing the same thing.

Pulled the jaw while butchering. Based on the dentine and the wear she was a minimum of 6.5yrs old, which is the oldest they say you can accurately judge to. But based on how worn down the teeth were I wouldn’t be surprised if she was even older than that.
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Eight Pointer
120 yards
.308 M77 mark II
165 gr SST over 43.5 gr rl15, seated waaaaaay out there for that Rugers long throat.

Hunted him for 3 years, was in decline, oldest and biggest I’ve ever seen on the mountain. And now I’m finding out he’s the toughest deer ever… chewed. Horrible pics, but notice his neck is almost as big as his body!



Twelve Pointer
Colorado 5x5 Bull Elk.
240 yards. 2 shots in shoulder quartering to, and one shot through the lungs broadside while he wobbled at 220 yards.

Shots were sitting behind my Kuiu pack resting on the lid to get above the sagebrush.

Tikka T3 Lite. 300 Win Mag
Nosler Custom 180gr Accubonds.