Sticky Firearm kills - 2021

November 13th 6:35 am
Wayne county
Savage axis .270
130 hand loaded Nosler Ballistic tip
110yard shot
Ran the length of his legs to the ground
Following a doe


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Lucky Clucker

Old Mossy Horns
My son Landon with a nice 7 pt. We stopped by Chatham co. After a wasted hunting trip to Pocosin Lakes . The deer down there are all but non existent. I was ready to come back after the first Well we got to chatham and settled in for a few hours before heading home. Almost as soon as I set down had a buck chasing a doe in thick bushes but never came out. A hour later my son grunted in this buck at 70 yards Dropped with a shoulder shot from a Cva wolf with 3 pellet and the new ELR 325 gr. Bullet. He and his friend my late best friends son were setting together . They made a new.good memory like his dad and I did several times.


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Eight Pointer
Two 6 pointers, but they look very different. :)
The small rack was gotten on muzzleloader opening. Double lung and he still went probably 200 yards.
The bigger one was shot yesterday chasing a hot doe. A basket 6 was chasing her around at first, then this guy came steaming in. He only went around 20 yards after he was hit.

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Button Buck
Doe #2 this morning in yadkin county. Got in late, decided to just sit down against a tree. 20 yard neck shot, exited the top of the left shoulder. Savage axis .308, norma evo strike 139 gr.


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Ten Pointer
Small 8.
30 yard shot w/ Marlin 30/30 - iron sights. 20 yard track.
Uwharrie NF - Montgomery County.

Found some super fresh sign and had three bucks come in within 15 minutes of each other and this was the biggest of the three. They getting crazy right now. Drag out was a nightmare. the worst.


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