Finishing up small game season


Twelve Pointer
This weekend rounds it out for the rabbit hunters and coon hunters. I had hoped to do a little of both but other than a duck trip I haven't hunted any since deer season went out. Anyone got some good rabbit dogs or coon dogs that they want to tell us about and brag on a little?

Ol Copper

Ten Pointer
Still working with a young Carolina Cur dog. She is almost 2 now.
I think she is pretty much finished on the collar training and obedience goals Ive kept set for us. She dont run deer and listens well enough that I dont worry about her. We just pleasure hunt.

Took her to Ohio for a couple days in late Oct. and saw a lot of progress in her. Came back to these barren arse mountains and struggled a bit late season, we've caught some squirrels on the outside lately but have been knocking on a lot of den trees too.

Didnt keep her in the woods as much in early season as Id like to, thought Id give the deer hunters their rein and hit it hard, but the bitter cold denned them up pretty good, if you did catch them out they were close to home and timbered out real quick, and I let bad weather keep us home too much.

We do hit the woods about every day, even if its for 15-30 min. She knows what to do and doesnt lie. If I would hunt her smarter, in better spots, we'd wear them out.

Its got me enough that I probably wont deer hunt much at all next year, and I'll scout more spots with less conflict so the stand sitters don't pitch a fit about their archery hunts.

We did good though, made some new friends. Got in on a disabled youth hunt. Learned a lot. Got to watch her peel bark and hammer on some good trees. Made a couple split trees. Shot about 25 off of her. Ive got way more to learn than she does.



Old Mossy Horns
Its got me enough that I probably wont deer hunt much at all next year,
Yep, you have been bitten. LMAO I found myself setting in a stand thinking "I could be doing this with this dog or that with that dog". And out I would come and go grab a dog. And 20 year went by with almost no wood goat hunting.

Had I not hurt my back and I not been able to walk half days at a time I wouldn't be back deer hunting now. And the only reason I am dogs are involved.