Finally Going To Make It In The Woods This Year...


Old Mossy Horns
And I’m going to have a gun in my hand. Because of personal problems as well as the heat, I have only been to the woods twice, both times were scouting trips.

I really need some Woods Therapy, and it’s finally going to happen in the AM. I have had some “Self Inflicted” problems this year that have kept me out of the woods, so it’s going to be extremely nice to “Get Away From It All” and be 20 feet up a tree with an opportunity to relieve some stress with a simple squeeze of the trigger.

I doubt I’m going to shoot anything, the older I get, the less I’m in it for the kill. I really need some me time in the Deer Woods though, trigger squeeze or not. I am honestly looking forward to tomorrow about as much as I ever have. I can’t wait to watch the Woods come alive in the morning, as well as watch them go to sleep in the PM.

To all of my NCH&F Family Good Luck tomorrow and stay safe.