FINALLY.......Corvette fans are HAPPY!


Old Mossy Horns
Owned a '75 at one time, originally white but the previous owner had it painted black!!! Stupid move! I was even the local 'vette club president, had a club member who was chasing national autocross points and we drug his racer as far as Houston to run autocross at the Houston Police Depts.' skid pad and driving school facility. He and his wife wound up National points champions the same year, fun while it lasted. The mid 70's cars were victims of the early attempts at emission control and were for the most part underpowered pieces of crap. The '75 with 350 stock out of the box was rated at 165 HP if I recall, most anemic Corvette ever except for some of the early ones, but it looked good.
Yep. But the kid removed the smog pump (and all that egr crap), and let it breath with an Edelbrock open element air filter and the dual flowmasters. That helped it a lot, and although it is not a 'screamer' by any stretch, that made it fun to drive again.
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