Filled bug tag

Winnie 70

Ten Pointer
A355188C-EBF7-40CB-97AE-4C0B47C6F515.jpegCaught this guy crossing bean field at last light and took him with a 308 handload. Not the biggest in the woods but very old deer…his teeth practically gone and been fighting…broken point on left beam. Heavy deer and hit him quartering lost no meat. Got some big back straps & tenderloins.All the family going on a mountain trip over Christmas and going to take the back straps and cook on grill…..the children let me know today that will be one of our meals. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving and time with your family, we sure did. It is a blessing to be able to enjoy one more Thanksgiving with the children around the table. Takes me back as a kid at grandparents house, they had 11 children and all gathered there that day…us kids had to eat after the older folks finished their meal…. you young guys today don’t how lucky you have it now. Have a good one.