Federal Trophy Copper 270 gr._Recovered bullet pics.


Ten Pointer
58 yards on a big mountain doe.

270gr 50cal copper over 110 grains of BH209.

Blew through both shoulders and dropped her on the spot.

They're pretty good out of my Traditions. 1.5" at 100..



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I know they do a number out of my 20 gauge, are those the ones with the bor-loc? If not, point me in a direction to get just the bullets so I can play around with sabot combos!

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
very timely post I just bought those. no clue just a whim.
thanks for the loading info as well.

i finally ran out of powder and bullets bought 30 + years ago.


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I tried to shoot those in my Optima, and they fit loose in the bore for some reason. I had to shoot with a dirty bore for them to even group. If I cleaned the bore, it would almost sound like a misfire but the bullet would barely come out. After about 3 shots I could start firing. I did this twice before I figured out my gun didn't like them and it wasn't going to be safe for that gun. I wanted to like the bullet, ended up giving over a box away. After looking at reviews, others said they had problems sealing off also. Maybe some of the older CVAs had a slightly oversized bore or something, I'm not sure. Anyway it looks like it worked good for you, good job on the doe!


Ten Pointer
Sooo. I bought these to try out of my Traditions G4 Ultralight with Blackhorn 209 since I was headed to Colorado this year.

Their legal blackpowder guns are full bore projectiles only, no sabots, loose powder only, and iron sights only.

I've never liked how powerbelts performed on game when compared to my 240gr 45 cal XTP's, so I tried these with the BorLok.

I can say in the traditions with 110 grains of Blackhorn, the gun goes off like a rifle, and is holding a nice 1.5" group at 100 now that I've got the Nikon back on it.

I've shot 3 with this load since last Saturday. Two were very big mountain does that fell in their tracks at 25 and 58 yards. The smallest of the 3 made it 15 yards from impact after a 70 yard shot. This has been the only recovered bullet after 3 high shoulder shots through both scapula's.


Ten Pointer
man, idk.

Dad always did best with 45 cal saboted 240grains in his Knight...

I'd shoot them and see. prolly do good in most rifles.
Loading them with that bore collar is a breeze. One handed loading with the ramrod...


Old Mossy Horns
Not trying to be a smart a$$, but if it blew through both shoulders, where did you find it?

Congratulations on the success.